Our services are as follows:



1. We provide ODR (online dispute resolution) as well as face to face mediation. Our aim is to retrieve relationships and resolve disputes at an early stage.

2. We like to meet with or talk to the commissioning agent prior to the mediation.

3. We aim to provide  mediation within 10 working days of your HR lead or Director contacting us, subject to you/them being able to provide an appropriate meeting place for the mediation, and the commissioning agent being able to meet or talk with us, prior to the mediation.

4. Fees are negotiable on a case by case basis. We charge a sliding scale for charities and some public sector organisations including the NHS.

5. In the event of a mediation running over for a second day by agreement we will negotiate the fee on a case by case basis. We endeavour to ensure that, wherever possible, a mediation is completed within a day.

6. We can also provide mentoring , coaching and negotiation skills if required.

7. Cancellation: if notice is given less than three days before the start of the mediation process, a sliding scale of 60% to 80% of the quoted fee together with non-refundable expenses, will be payable except in exceptional circumstances. If, on the mediation day, the mediation is cancelled or one or both of the parties does not attend, we reserve the right to charge 100% of the agreed fee and expenses, depending on the circumstances.


Early Conflict Resolution


We know that some disputes or conflicts can escalate quickly. A facilitative conversation can often help to defuse the situation before everyone retreats into their respective silos and even before a formal mediation takes place. It is often helpful to bring in independent and experienced conflict resolvers for an intense but open and confidential conversation. Some people find this can prove less daunting than mediation so it is worth considering. We are happy to discuss process and fees.

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