Our services are as follows:



1. We provide a one day mediation preceded by telephone calls to the parties of up to an hour for each party and preparing the relevant paper work. We will also be available for an hour long discussion with each party in the subsequent week with a view to reaching a written settlement if this has not been achieved at the close of the day's mediation. We then do a follow up call  of up to an hour with each party within a month of the mediation settlement being achieved.

2. We like to meet with or talk to the commissioning agent prior to the mediation.

3. We aim to provide  mediation within 10 working days of your HR lead or Director contacting us, subject to you/them being able to provide an appropriate meeting place for the mediation, and the commissioning agent being able to meet or talk with us, prior to the mediation.

4. We can guarantee that either Alexandra McAdam Clark, Louise Engleman or David Mackie will be a mediator. Mediations may be by an individual mediator or by 2 co-mediators.

5. For corporate and commercial organisations the fee is a flat rate of £890 plus any necessary expenses (receipts provided). For some public sector organisations, charities, SME's , schools and sports clubs the fee will be less and negotiable on a case by case basis.

6.In the event of a mediation running over for a second day by agreement we will negotiate the fee on a case by case basis. We endeavour to ensure that, wherever possible, a mediation is completed within a day.

7. If further work including coaching or mentoring is required this will be charged as a separate fee to be negotiated.

8. Cancellation Fee for Booked Mediations: We will charge our full fee in the event of cancellation within 5 working days of the scheduled event. 



Once there are a number of trained mediators in the workplace we provide mentoring; this can either be via co-mediation and feedback or by assistance with preparation for a mediation session. Fees for mentoring to be negotiated.

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