What is Workplace Mediation?



Mediation is a process used when two or more parties who are in dispute agree to the appointment of a third party, mediator, who is:

bullet Neutral and impartial

bullet who is not a judge or arbitrator

bullet who facilitates the process but can also evaluate situations


Why Mediate?


Mediation is a fully confidential process and is voluntary.

It is a formal procedure but not a legal procedure and gives the parties time and confidence to state their views, listen to the other person and attempt to come to an agreement.

It saves both financial and emotional costs of going through lengthy in house procedures which are very stressful and can escalate rather than resolve the situation. It is also a better and more cost effective way of resolving disputes instead of going to an Employment Tribunal.

ACAS guidance explicitly recommends mediation as a positive way to resolve disputes.

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